The LCW Chair inspired by Charles Eames


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The Eames LCW Chair is perhaps the most famous chair of all time. Hailed by Time Magazine as the Best Design of the 20th century, it is described as 'something elegant, light and comfortable'. With its low-slung frame and gentle curves that expertly cradle the body, the LCW offers unparalleled style and relaxation. A traditional lounge chair, the LCW stands for Lounge Chair Wood, the chair is the perfect place to unwind with a cup of coffee and good book. The chair is strong and durable, sculpted from layers of oak, beech and walnut, and finished in natural ash wood. The distinctive wooden legs have rubber shock mounts to cushion against jarring movements.

The name LCW Eames Chair is only used to describe the characteristics of the goods made according to the original design, and not as a brand.


·         Width : 55 cm

·         Height : 69 cm

·         Depth : 57 cm

·         Seating height : 36 cm

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The LCW Chair inspired by Charles Eames

The LCW Chair inspired by Charles Eames